The Lodge logo is based on the sacred geometry of the Flower of Life, and can be found in all major religions of the world.

It contains the patterns of creation as they emerged from the “Great Void”.


As Above So Below – recorded on the Emerald Tablet by the great Hermes Trismegistus

In full it reads “As above so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the Soul”. Hermes wrote that Nature and Man reflect each other; heaven and earth are also self-similar.

By observing one relationship you gain knowledge of the reflected whole, which is the meaning of “As Above So Below”.Keynote: We seek to create a greater awareness and understanding of ourselves, and that of the world in which we live, and to aim for the highest within us.

We are a vibrant Lodge comprising members from many walks of life which together casts a rainbow of unity in diversity.


  We are making steady headway in exploring and fulfilling Relief/Charity, the second of the three guiding lights, and are delighted with our recent progress. Appreciation to our un-sung heroes, the Brethren of the following Lodges for their ingenuity, and overall altruistic generosity in raising funds for charity – Lodge of Equals; Lodge Emeritus; Lodge Illuminatus; Lodge of Light; Lodge Resurgam; Lodge of Reflection; Lodge of Travellers; Lodge of Unity, Lodge Universal; Lodge Victory and Lodge Hermetica. Charities include: Alzheimers; Cancer Research; Crohns & Colitis; Macmillan Nurses; RNIB; RSPCA; and many local Hospices